Student Account

Student Account Information


Students should receive account information at your school’s material distribution events. Please check your school’s website for more information. 

  • New students will receive their student email address and default password information.
  • Returning students will receive their email address and instructions on how to reset their password if they do not have it. 

I don’t know my student’s email

The Sac City Unified student email  format is usually  If you need assistance with your student’s email, please contact your student’s classroom teacher or email the Technology Services Support Desk at

I don’t know my student’s password

Email your student’s classroom teacher or to have them reset your student ’s account. 

If your student has set up password recovery, please go to to reset the student account.

How to Set up Password Recovery Questions

After setting up your student account or resetting your password, go to to set up password recovery questions. 

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