Learning Options FAQ

Learning Options FAQ


What are the two models that families can choose from for their students?

Continue with Distance Learning – Families may choose the option to keep their students in distance learning.

In-Person/Concurrent Learning – Students would attend school in-person two (2) days each week and attend through distance learning the other three (3) days each week. Beginning on May 18, many EK-6 students will attend in-person for four days each week. 

What dates are you targeting for students to return to campus?

Consistent with guidelines by the California Department of Health, our district will work to implement the following schedule for the phased-in return to in-person learning:

  • April 8 – Return of PreK – 3 students, and K-6 Special Day Classes 
  • April 15 – Return of 4-6 grade students 
  • April 22 – Return of 7-12 grade students
  • May 18 – Many EK-6 grade students return for 4 days a week of in-person learning 

Will students need to switch classes, based on the model they choose?

No, students will remain in the same classes that they are already enrolled in.  

Under the in-person model, what days would my student be on campus?

Your student’s on-campus-days will depend on the cohort they are assigned to. We have two separate cohorts: one that attends on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and one that attends on Thursdays and Fridays. Beginning on May 18, many EK-6 cohorts will be combined, providing these students with in-person construction four days a week. 

All groups would participate in distance learning on Mondays.

Cohort A would learn in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cohort B would learn in-person on Thursday and Friday.

Cohort C (Distance Learning only) would not participate in-person.

4-Day In-Person – Some EK-6 students will learn in-person Tuesday – Friday beginning May 18. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group A Distance Learning In-Person In-Person Distance Learning Distance Learning
Group B Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning In-Person In-Person
Group C Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning
4-day Distance Learning In-Person In-Person In-Person In-Person

Special education classes will follow the general education schedule.  After three weeks of the return to in-person instruction, two SCTA-SCUSD special education work groups (elementary and secondary) will convene to determine whether the current schedule should continue or should be modified based on student in-person participation rates, transportation and other factors that may affect the students’ learning environment. Modifications may include expansion to four-days of in-person instruction per week. 

How will secondary classes look for students participating in-person?

The secondary class schedule is similar to what is currently offered. For students who are attending in-person classes, each group will attend in-person twice a week, or one period each week. Cohort A would be in-person for periods 1, 3, 5 on Tuesday and periods 2, 4, 6 on Wednesday. Cohort B would then be in-person for periods 1, 3, 5 on Thursday and periods 2, 4, 6 on Friday. Students attend all class periods on Mondays for an abbreviated day.

Our district made an effort to cohort students as much as possible within their schedules each day. 

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Periods 1-6 (shorter periods) Periods
1, 3, 5
2, 4, 6
1, 3, 5
2, 4, 6
Group A Distance Learning In-Person In-Person Distance Learning Distance Learning
Group B Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning In-Person In-Person
Group C Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning Distance Learning

How many hours will my student learn on campus?

Students will participate in-person for three hours each day, consistent with the requirements for synchronous learning through SB 98. Students will participate in asynchronous learning for the remainder of the day. This could include individual work, or time spent in small groups.

What will students’ classes look like?

In person, students’ classes will be smaller, cohorted groups, designed to keep students from mixing between groups during classes and breaks. Classes will be smaller, up to half of what a normal class size would be.

In distance learning, students might not see a big difference in their classes, but might see fewer people on the screen.

Can students bring backpacks and supplies, such as water bottles, to the classroom?

Yes! Students may bring their own backpacks and supplies, including water bottles. As indicated in the Return to Health document, supplies should be individualized as much as possible. 

What will students in the classrooms be doing?

Students will be learning with peers in the classroom, in a physically distanced environment with interaction from their teacher. In-person students in the classroom might be logged into Zoom from their own computers, but this should not be the extent of their communication with other students or their teacher. Students might use Zoom on their computers to interact in small groups with their distance learning peers, and may remain logged in throughout. However, in a true concurrent model, this would be in addition to in-person class instruction, individual use of manipulatives, projects, activities, and most importantly, the opportunity to collaborate and interact with peers in person, with their current teacher.  Based on the lesson plan, teachers will determine the best way for students to interact, which could require Zoom, or it could require other activities. 

Recommended technology for teachers will include two computer devices, a display monitor for students in class and online, a recording device, microphone and speakers and additional chargers if needed – giving teachers the ability to project distance learning participants onto a screen or smart board. 

What health and safety measures are in place to protect my student?

Our district has committed to going above and beyond state and local health and safety requirements in our plans for reopening. 

Our district is currently hosting vaccination clinics to provide each of our employees with the opportunity to be vaccinated. While the vaccine is important, health and safety protocols remain the most effective way to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19. These protocols include washing hands, wearing face covering, maintaining physical distance from others not in your household.

To ensure physical distancing, we will welcome back no more than 50 percent of our school populations back to campus on any given day. Classes will be in dedicated cohorts and will not mix together during breaks or between classes. This will not only help us to mitigate COVID-19 exposures, but will also help us with contact tracing. 

Sac City Unified has opened 13 Learning Hubs at various sites throughout the district. Our students and staff have been able to implement and practice COVID-19 safety procedures at these Hubs, which first opened in October.

In this video, Sac City Unified students participating in one of our in-person Learning Hubs demonstrate proper hand washing and hand sanitizing techniques using new handwashing stations and sanitizer dispensers installed on Sac City Unified campuses. This equipment is an example of the changes we are making on our school sites according to our Return Together Reopening Dashboard

Please view our Reopening Dashboard to view updates on our current efforts. For detailed information about Health and Safety Protocols, including videos, please visit our Return to Health Plan

When do I need to make a final decision about which one of the models my students will participate in?

Our district has sent out a form for parents/guardians to complete to inform us of their formal decision for their student’s attendance on campus for the remainder of the year. We ask you to complete the form to indicate whether you want your student to participate in school through the in-person/concurrent model or the distance learning model.

The form deadline was March 17 at 11:59 PM. We understand that some families may need an opportunity to provide additional information or to modify their decisions. Please look out for a form in the upcoming days to communicate this information to us.

How do I find my student’s ID?

Student ID numbers can be found in Infinite Campus. If you do not have access to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal please contact your student’s school directly or fill out the district webform for assistance.

What if I don’t complete the form?

Your student will be enrolled in an in-person model if you do not complete the form. 

We ask you to complete the form to help us prepare our class enrollments and sizes to better plan for when we Return Together.

Students without a completed form on file will be defaulted to “in-person” for a number of reasons:

  • It could be considered a violation of a student’s rights to default them to distance learning, if we presume that there are benefits to in-person instruction over distance learning. Under the California Constitution, students are entitled to “equality of educational opportunity.” 
  • It is less disruptive for scheduling and cohort assignments to change a student’s preferred learning option from in-person to distance learning rather than the other way around.

What if I have more than one student? How can I make sure they are going on the same day?

If you have more than one student attending in-person, it is especially important that you complete their preference forms. We also ask that you update your information in Infinite Campus. To learn how to update your information in Infinite Campus, please view our recent communication here.

As much as possible, our district will try and keep students from the same households in the same cohort schedules. When placing students in cohorts, the district will use the common household data to match schedules as much as possible, even if the students are in different schools. However, due to the complexity of scheduling throughout the district, we cannot guarantee that this will happen.   

What happens if I change my mind about the best learning environment for my student?

We understand that some families may need an opportunity to provide additional information or to modify their decisions. 

For the remainder of this semester, Sac City Unified students have the option to participate in a combination of in-person and concurrent learning or remain in distance learning. 

If you would like your child to participate in the in-person/concurrent learning option, please let us know by completing the Learning Option Change Request Form

What if my student’s teacher is not available to come back in person?

Every student will have highly qualified teachers supporting them through their in-person or distance learning. 

Will students be offered meals at school?

Meals will continue to be provided each day at no cost whether students participate in on-campus learning or distance learning. 

Students engaged in on campus learning will take “grab and go” lunch and breakfast for the next day home when reporting in person each day.​

Learn more at https://thecentralkitchen.org/curbside.

Will water be provided in the classroom and on campus?

Disposable drinking cups will be provided for elementary classrooms which have sinks for water.  Secondary students can bring water bottles from home.  Bottled water will also be made available as needed.

Are all students essentially participating in distance learning, except that those who are attending “in-person” are just doing it from the classroom? 

Students participating in-person and through distance learning will be learning the same lessons. However, students participating in the concurrent model will have more in-person support and opportunities to socialize in-person with their peers. We have seen evidence in our Learning Hubs that when students receive support in person they are more engaged and more likely to attend class.

How will the teacher help students participating in distance learning if they are teaching students in person at the same time?

Within the in-person/concurrent model of teaching, students will receive live, whole class direct instruction, engage with others at home/in class in group work online and engage in individual work. Teachers will be given all the materials they need to teach concurrently, including the technology mentioned below.

What technologies will be provided for teachers?

Recommended technology for teachers will include two computer devices, a display monitor for students in class and online, a recording device, microphone and speakers and additional chargers if needed. 

How does this compare to models at nearby districts?

District Schedule Full Distance Learning Option
SCUSD A/B Concurrent Model Yes
Natomas Unified A/B Concurrent Model Yes
San Juan Unified

A/B Non-Concurrent Model

Twin Rivers Unified A/B Non-Concurrent Model Yes
Elk Grove Unified A/B Concurrent Model Yes

Will the District continue the Learning Hub Program?

Students already enrolled in the Learning Hubs may continue to participate in the program.

Will the District offer the Expanded Learning Programs?

Youth Development will offer Expanded Learning programming at 43 additional sites for a maximum of 3.5 hours each day. 

The Expanded Learning program application is currently live and will close on March 24th at 11:59 PM.  Please complete one form per student. Apply at https://www.youthdevelopmentscusd.org/

Priority will be given to students as addressed in AB/SB 86 with a focus on students:

  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Residing in foster care
  • English Language Learners
  • Students receiving special education services; and
  • Disengaged students

What professional development do you offer SCUSD educators?

Professional Learning is provided on the following topics, among others:

  • Scope and Sequence Focused on Priority Standards
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Data-Based Decision Making
  • Anti-Racist Classrooms